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Cuttlebone, Senegalese millet,  sorghum... production, import

We’ve been successfully operating in the field for more than 20 years.
Products are delivered loosely packed in cartons or in retail packaging.
We can also customize retail packaging to meet the customer’s wishes and demands.

We offer

  • competitive prices from the producer /direct importer
  • quality products
  • outstanding service
  • reliability


Cuttlebone Natural


  • High-quality source of easily absorbable organic calcium.
  • Indispensable dietary supplement which promotes bone strength, strengthens snail shells, turtle shells...
  • Entertaining for parrots, essential and natural way for them to trim their beaks.

Cuttlebone is traditionally used as a high-quality source of easily absorbable organic calcium for many types of pets, especially birds, snails, turtles, lizards and other animals.

Cuttlebone contains at least 30% of usable calcium and 0.03% phosphorous. (The human body, for example, only uses less than 5% of mineral calcium).

It is also recommended in combination with other substances as a suitable calcium supplement for people.

Senegalese millet- ears

  • A popular food, especially for parrots, but also for rodents and others.
  • Ears of Senegalese millet are the most natural way to provide food as it is found in nature.
  • Feeding birds with ears is more entertaining for them and helps prevent bad habits arising from boredom such as feather plucking.
  • Senegalese millet is well liked by most fledglings and helps meet their dietary needs once they are separated from their parents.
  • Senegalese millet sprouts increase desire for mating.
  • Inexpensive and healthy feed. (Senegalese millet pecked from ears is mostly eaten immediately, unlike feed mixes in feeders. Birds tend to selectively pick through feed mixes and waste most of the feed, which ends up on the bottom of the cage. Birds will later also eat from the dirty cage bottom, which increases the risk of many diseases.


  • Valuable grain feed used for cattle, pigs and poultry... Significantly improves the quality of eggs.
  • Contains many glucides and is very similar to rice in quality.
  • High in energy, low in crude protein (approx. 10%); fat approx. 2.8% ; fiber 3%.


  • Wholesale packaging
    Packaged in cartons (Senegalese millet shipped in 15 kg cartons, cuttlebone in 12 kg cartons), sorghum in 35 kg polypropylene bags.
  • Retail packaging (Senegalese millet, cuttlebone)
    Standard packaging: polyethylene bag in the size desired by the customer. An adhesive product label will be stuck to the bag with the product description desired by the customer.
  • Cuttlebones can also be delivered in paper boxes covered with clear foil.


We will be happy to provide prices upon request.
Please send all inquiries to: trade@commodityhouse.eu
(We speak English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian)